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The aftermath:

As the initial wave of fear and uncertainty passed, the local businesses understood the demand in the market and started to offer better services to their customers. Due to challenging, and uncertain situations caused by the pandemic, the demand for daily essentials required to be delivered safely rose immensely. With the #VocalforLocal trend, people grew conscious of the means & methods of shopping. Catering to the substantially growing demands, the vendors tried to address more & more customer needs. The Kirana and various other stores shared mobile numbers for customers to call & order, using SMS & WhatsApp.

As the demand increased, it became difficult for SMEs to sustain the momentum. There was a huge need for expansion in the conventional brick & mortar model. The situation worsened with the continuous extension of lockdown. The local stores of Pune were relieved when apps like Grocery2Door (G2D) were introduced. With this much-needed digitization, the local suppliers could rely on apps and hence could support themselves to sustain the rising demand and growth. In addition to this, the Kirana stores could offer convenience and safety to their customers. The online Apps like G2D enabled the shop owners to extend new forms of customer services which included primarily hasslefree, safe, contact-less & same-day delivery. Consumers were delighted to order and receive their everyday groceries from the safety and comfort of their homes.