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Supporting the Government in it’s many initiatives like, #AtmaNirbharBharat, #VocalForLocal, #DigitalIndia G2D aims to provide the local grocery stores with the latest technology to make them digital. G2D enables the local Kirana stores to be updated, competitive and progressive. G2D is an easy to operate, quick and updated app. With G2D we can digitize a Kirana store in as less as 20 minutes. In addition to this G2D offers following multiple benefits to the grocery stores

  • -> Quick digitalization of a grocery store, i.e. within 20 minutes
  • -> Accept contactless payments
  • -> Make contactless safe deliveries
  • -> Extensive range of exclusive Unilever International products available at aggressively competitive prices
  • -> G2D Farm Fresh delivers fresh produce from farmers at highly competitive prices
  • -> Multiple delivery solutions are available
  • -> Dedicated marketing of your grocery store is done through G2D’s physical and online marketing platforms
  • -> Get personalized reports of the sales at all times on the Shop owner's app.
  • -> Provides with consumer analytics giving detailed insight into buying trends and patterns

Are you ready to get modernized ?

Digitize your Kirana store right away, with G2D. You can directly call or drop a message to our success manager at +91-9665619186 and we will connect with you. G2D representatives will come and meet you and register your shop in as less as 20 minutes. You can also reach out to us via Instagram @g2d_grocery2door , Facebook page grocery2door and twitter.